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Mollificio Modenese is the reference partner in the production of bespoke springs, be they compression, traction, torsion or other types, both for large quantities of products and samples and small batches designed for the customer’s specific needs. We come over as the single interlocutor in the creation and sale of the product, significantly shortening the supply times whilst guaranteeing total control of all its phases.

Since its foundation, Mollificio Modenese has distinguished itself for the manufacturing quality of its wide range of springs, hooks, small metal parts and shaped parts, becoming one of the most important specialised centres in the provinces of Modena, Bologna and Reggio Emilia and, more generally, of Emilia-Romagna.

High-quality steel (and other) springs

We produce industrial springs for the most diverse sectors, always using the highest quality raw materials such as stainless steel and harmonic steel, brass, Inconel, copper, phosphor bronze, working them with the latest generation machinery and equipment. The direct management of each production phase and a tested internal protocol allows us to guarantee the highest standards of durability, resistance and construction precision for all our springs.

Our long experience in the production of bespoke springs also makes us the most reliable interlocutor for support to the calculation and design of compression, traction and torsion springs  according to CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) regulations referring to 13906, that is to the cylindrical helical springs produced with wire and bars with circular section.