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Compression springs are perhaps the most common type of spring in circulation. Typical examples of this type of spring are the biro springs or the car and motorcycle shock absorber springs.

Compression springs can be classified according to their diameter, the pitch between the coils, the type of end.

Classification based on diameter provides for:

  • Cylindrical springs,
    in which the spring diameter is constant from one end to the other.
  • Conical springs,
    in which the diameter of one end is greater than the other.
  • Biconical springs,
    in which the diameter at the centre of the spring is greater (or smaller) than the diameter of the ends

Classification according to pitch provides for:

  • constant pitch springs, where the pitch of active coils is constant over the total length of the spring
  • springs with variable pitch, in which the active coils can be divided into two or more groups with different pitches between them, inside of which the pitch is constant.

Classification according to type of ends provides for:

  • springs with closed and ground ends
  • springs with closed ends
  • springs with open ends

All types of compression springs can be manufactured with right or left hand winding. The standard winding direction is right.

When two compression springs are mounted one inside the other, to avoid possible overlaps between the coils, one right and one left are made. Unless otherwise specified, compression spring means cylindrical springs with constant pitch, closed and ground ends and right winding.

For this type of spring, Mollificio Modenese provides a catalogue of standard springs.
To determine precisely a compression spring, just four values are sufficient: the diameter of the wire, the diameter of the spring, the length and number of coils. The number of possible combinations is practically endless, however, so the catalogue is inevitably limited. If you cannot find your spring, do not hesitate to contact us, we can probably make it!

In addition to medium and large series, Mollificio Modenese is available for sampling or limited series, and if necessary, the individual piece.

Upon request, we can assist the customer in calculating the spring.
Among the materials used to make the compression springs we recommend:

  • Steel UNI EN 10270-1 SM/SH/DH (noto anche come C72 – C85 – C98) – data sheet
  • Stainless steel UNI EN 10270-3 1.4310/1.4301/1.4401 (AISI 302 – AISI 304 – AISI 316) – data sheet
  • Inconel X750 – data sheet

other materials are available upon request.


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