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Mollificio Modenese is a bespoke partner in the production of high-quality customised springs. Our vast experience in the sector and the absolute attention paid to every single creation define us as a high-level partner for springs customised on particular technical specifications.

Specifically, our production of bespoke springs is carried out through high-level processing, with the aid of latest-generation technologies and starting from the customer’s design upon request. Mollificio Modenese’s goal is to constantly guarantee products of excellent production quality, long life and excellent resistance to stress.

Production of bespoke springs: type of products

Mollificio Modenese specialises in the made-to-measure production of springs of the most diverse types:

Our technical staff, characterised by their vast experience and know-how, designs and manufactures any type of wire and metal strip spring, to guarantee the customer a bespoke product that reflects specific functional needs.

Our production of bespoke springs is also aimed at the most transversal industrial sectors. The use of high-quality raw materials, be they the best high-strength steels or specifically required metals such as copper, Inconel, stainless steel, harmonic steel, brass, phosphor bronze, etc. is always combined with treatments in highly cutting-edge heating systems.

On request, and to meet particular requirements of durability, resistance to stress and construction precision, it is also possible to shot-peen, paint, galvanise and chrome-plate the made-to-measure springs.

How to request a quote for the production of bespoke springs

The wide range of springs produced by Mollificio Modenese is available in the Products section on our website and in our dedicated online store. If the available models do not meet the technical requirements for your project, just get in touch with our staff by requesting a quote in the dedicated section on the site.

Choosing the experience of Mollificio Modenese for the production of bespoke springs is equivalent to being able to interface with a partner who has always made the highest quality the added value guaranteed to each customer.