Torsion Springs

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The torsion spring reacts to a torsion applied to the axis on which the spring is wound. Depending on the type of work they have to perform, torsion springs can be made with:

  • Right-hand wind
  • Left-hand wind
  • Dual wind
    (that is a right-hand wound spring and a left-hand wound spring joined by a U and set on the same axis)

Depending on the type of attachment to the device, the spring’s legs can be

  • Tangential
  • Radial

Each leg can be bent to achieve the spring’s best use.
For this type of spring, Mollificio Modenese provides a catalogue of standard springs.

Mollificio Modenese is available for sampling or limited series, and if necessary, the individual piece.

Upon request, we can assist the customer in calculating the spring.