No company is an island, we could say paraphrasing the famous words of John Donne.
This is also true of Mollificio Modenese, which has found here in Modena, like many other businesses, the ideal environment for its operations. An environment not only full of businesses, but also associations, voluntary, sport and cultural organisations.

For this reason we have decided to give back part of what we earn to support and help certain good causes.

  • Progetti del cuore: is a benefit corporation concerned with facilitating Public Administration and Associations in providing free mobility services for the most vulnerable citizens, such as the elderly and the sick. Over the years, Mollificio Modenese has made contributions towards various vehicles for use in Modena.


  • IMR – Impulse Modena Racing and MMR – MoRe Modena Racing are two teams of students from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The teams’ activities run alongside the traditional university courses of study, giving students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in their studies by designing and constructing a vehicle to take part in international competitions and exhibitions.IMR comprises around 70 students and its purpose is to build an innovative and winning electric motorcycle able to take part in competitions such as MotoStudent and Moto Engineering Italy.MMR is made up of around 300 students and its aim is to build three formula cars: one with an internal combustion engine, one hybrid and one self-driving vehicle. The cars take part in some of the events of the formula SAE championships in Italy and abroad.The faculties involved are: the Departments of Engineering at Modena, the Department of Engineering Sciences and Methods at Reggio Emilia, the Marco Biagi Department of Economics, the Department of Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics, the Department of Communication and Economics at Reggio Emilia and the inter-university courses in Advanced Automotive Engineering and Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering.


  • Polisportiva Nonantola Calcio undertakes activities mainly in the youth sector. With over 250 children and teen members, it takes part in the FIGC championships with 10 teams from the ages of 5 to 19 years. The first team plays in the second division and is mostly made up of footballers from its own youth sector.
    To assist all the youngsters 18 instructors alternate on the football fields: 10 FIGC licensed coaches (of whom 5 have degrees in sports science) and 8 assistants, some undergraduates and others former players in the youth sector. The Polisportiva has 2 eleven-a-side pitches with covered grandstand, one grass and one artificial, 1 artificial five-a-side pitch, 1 gym for the youngest children and 8 dressing rooms.