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The reliable partner for customised industrial springs and spring design services

Mollificio Modenese is a reference partner in the production of tailored springs. We can produce many kinds of spring, including compression, extension and torsion and others, both for large quantities and for samples or small batches.

Here are some services we offer to our customers:

  • Customised springs: we produce industrial springs 100% tailored to our customers wishes.
  • Spring calculation: we can help our customers to design their springs. From load chart to 3D design, we can provide technical assistance to ensure that the springs meet the required specification.
  • Samples and small batches: we can produce samples and small batches to test springs on real life before the mass production. This allows us to check the performance of the springs and make any necessary change.
  • Replication of springs from a sample: if no drawing is available, we can replicate the spring from a sample. In addition, we can test the forces provided by springs you are already using to check for possible pressure losses and correspondence to theoretical calculations.

We always try to find the solution that matches your needs. Please don’t be afraid to contact us to request samples or to discuss your customised spring designs.